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Geoffrey Biehle ’05
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Headlines of the Past, a Prediction of the Future
Beta Tau Demonstrates Leadership at Active and Alumni Levels

Beta Tau Leadership
We as Beta Tau men, both active and alumni, have successfully resonated a track record of success but must vigilantly work to maintain these standards. In the summer 2016 issue of The Rainbow, an article titled, “A New Generation of Explorers,” prompted a reflection on the notable accomplishments of Beta Tau alumni. I predict a bright future for the outstanding young men of Beta Tau and am confident they will make significant triumphs.
The “Delt Stories” article detailed the achievements of Jay Keasling ’86. He is a pioneer in synthetic biology who grew up on a farm in Harvard, Nebraska. After graduating from UNL, he went to the University of Michigan for his Ph.D.
“He moved westward for post doctorate work in biochemistry at Stanford University, followed by a faculty position he’s held at the University of California, Berkeley for almost 24 years. A professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and bioengineering, he is also Berkeley lab’s associate lab director of biosciences and CEO of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, focused on engineering biology to produce biofuels.”
I learned of his contributions to world health in developing an engineered yeast microbe to produce a powerful anti-malarial drug. He is also working to produce biofuels and their products.
Beta Tau has a rich history of leadership and accomplishment on campus and as alumni, and I believe we will continue this tradition for many years to come. We have an impressive group of executives and brothers in the undergraduate chapter, and they worked diligently during summer and fall recruitment to bring in 138 young men.
The men of Beta Tau continue to lead by example in their philanthropic activities. In addition to the JDRF fundraising walk in April, they work with the VA in Lincoln and the Friendship Home. To supplement these efforts, they started a GoFundMe initiative, targeting alumni, community members, and other Greek organizations, to support the local Friendship Home and the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event. It can be found at
Alumni Events
The after-work social on January 27 at Big Fred’s in Omaha was a big success. Twenty-six brothers attended, reconnected, and interacted with the undergraduates. Everyone enjoyed the pizza and camaraderie.
Beta Tau has long recognized the importance and value of academic achievement. We are fortunate for the Emanuel family in establishing the Allen Gene Emanuel Scholarship, alumnus Ben Neff ’54 for the establishment of the Ben Neff Endowed Beta Tau Scholarship, and for the efforts to fully fund the Beta Tau Leaders Memorial Scholarship in honor of Fred Allen III ’52, Bobby Foehlinger ’01, and Keaton Klein ’11.
The recent recipients of the Allen Gene Emanuel Scholarship and the Ben Neff Endowed Beta Tau Scholarship exemplify a high standard with a GPA of at least 3.85. Each is actively involved in the fraternity, the university, and the community. They are volunteers, serve as executives in the chapter, and are servant leaders setting an example worthy of emulation.
Recipients of the scholarships in 2015 and 2016 are:
• The Allen Gene Emanuel Scholarship: Adam Froendt ’13 and Jacob Pfeifer ’14
• The Ben Neff Scholarship: Cody Thorson ’13 and Samuel Barker ’14
Alumni Involvement
When alumni get involved, it demonstrates a continued culture of leadership for Beta Tau. Perhaps there is time in your busy schedule to up your contribution. You can pitch in and make a difference. There are day-to-day activities and meetings, are decisions to be made about current and future financial obligations, including resolving everything from simple questions to complex strategizing about how funds are allocated. There are the after-work socials, House Corporation meetings, and meetings with the chapter officers and committees. It even increases your ability to stop by the Shelter to interact with the undergraduates.
House Corporation communications range from telephone calls or meetings with vendors, contractors, local officials, the chapter consultant, and the international office. Consider how you might become involved this year. It takes time to get in the rhythm of the board and the activities that we manage. Join us on the board and contribute your perspective during our regular board meetings. You will find that there are opportunities to contribute in significant ways.
Watch your e-mail for invitations to chapter events such as initiation and join us at the next after-work social in Omaha or Lincoln. If you are interested, contact Ryan Caldwell ’98 at or Jim Emanuel ’79 at
Thank You
We are thankful to each of you who contribute to the chapter as you fulfill your financial pledges. Your support is reducing the debt on our remodeled and updated Shelter. I also encourage you to stop by the Shelter and meet the 2017 executive team. They are committed leaders and have demonstrated so since their initiation.
Consider how you may honor one of the chapter’s past or recent leaders. The gifts received to date are moving us toward fully funding these scholarships. Although I am encouraged by the support of Beta Tau leadership scholarships thus far, it is important that we fully fund the scholarships in the next year and a half.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
James Loach, Epsilon Omega ’67
House Corporation President


Truth is vital in the relationship between an organization and the outside world.

If an organization cannot be trusted, it will perish. Truth begins within the organization. In order to truly become brothers, men must be truthful to themselves and to one another. They must hold one another accountable.

Courage takes heart.

Those who are courageous thrive. As you navigate through life, you will be confronted with many difficult decisions. Courage helps a leader understand the best option and take it, regardless of the popularity of that choice. Courage has a distinct relationship with truth. One must know the truth in order to stand for it.

Faith is belief.

Faith grows and develops and changes. It means trusting yourself and believing your actions are appropriate and right. Faith will help you trust decisions made and believe that information told to you is correct. A lack of faith drives a wedge through an organization and through friendships.

Power begins as inner strength.

Power is a combination of talents and inherent abilities and wisdom. It is increased when the power of many individuals is united through an organization or a brotherhood. The power of an organization, when combined with courage, faith, and truth, leads one into the future and ensures success.

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