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Paul Bauer ’07 Gives Back to a Chapter That Helped Him Grow

For Paul Bauer ’07, a return to Lincoln offered an opportunity to give back to the chapter he so deeply loves and that helped him become the man he is today.
Born in a small, rural area on a farm in Morris Bluff, Nebraska, Paul was not sure a big university like UNL was the place for him, much less joining a fraternity. However, he knew Dr. Tom Wolf ’94 and his family, who are from North Bend where Paul went to high school. It was Tom who piqued Paul’s interest in fraternities, telling Paul to “keep the Delt chapter in mind,” and Paul did just that.
“My time as an undergraduate meant a lot of great things to me, and if it weren’t for Beta Tau, I don’t know if college, especially at such a big university, would have been something I would have finished,” Paul said. “My first semester did not go well, but joining Delt got me on track.”
Paul thanks his brothers for helping him get through classes and the executive team for being friendly and approachable when he was having a difficult time. To help with his academic struggles, they assisted him in finding better study practices during the mandatory freshmen study hours. This hands-on approach helped Paul get over his first semester struggles, and turned an overwhelming city atmosphere into a small and comfortable one. They also inspired Paul to serve as summer house manager, floor manager, and guide.
“The consistency and self-discipline were the biggest things the chapter taught me. With all of our meetings, it was important to manage time wisely. Like life, the more you stay at it, the easier it becomes,” he said. “I also learned that it is OK to ask for help. It was important to know that it is never weak to do so, and in fact, it is one of the strengths of being in a fraternity. As Emmerson said, ‘Every man who I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.’”
In January, Paul moved back to Lincoln for a job running a Complete Nutrition and working as their top health coach. This move not only opened up a lot of opportunities to stay connected with Beta Tau, but also gave him an opportunity to join the alumni association.
“It is important for me to give back to Beta Tau because of the advice we can offer to our undergraduate brothers. The conversations I have had with alumni were illuminating, and it is a great feeling having someone look up to you and for you to be able to reciprocate with your own knowledge,” Paul said. “All this shows the importance of brotherhood, and even though the years differ, our brothers are the only ones who truly know what we went through.”
In his spare time, Paul helps at his parents’ farm, is active at the gym, and hopes to get back into CrossFit soon. He also attends the practices of the Lincoln Continentals barbershop choir as a baritone. One of the songs they sing that he likes is “There Is No Place Like Nebraska” because he used to sing that when he sang in college. However, Paul’s work as a health coach keeps him busy, and his time with the group is limited.
Paul also rescued a labradane boxer mix named Maverick. Paul is a big Dallas Mavericks fan and Beta Tau also had a long history of Top Gun references on passed-down shirts and posters during his time as an active member.
If you would like to reach out to Paul, he can be e-mailed at

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Truth is vital in the relationship between an organization and the outside world.

If an organization cannot be trusted, it will perish. Truth begins within the organization. In order to truly become brothers, men must be truthful to themselves and to one another. They must hold one another accountable.

Courage takes heart.

Those who are courageous thrive. As you navigate through life, you will be confronted with many difficult decisions. Courage helps a leader understand the best option and take it, regardless of the popularity of that choice. Courage has a distinct relationship with truth. One must know the truth in order to stand for it.

Faith is belief.

Faith grows and develops and changes. It means trusting yourself and believing your actions are appropriate and right. Faith will help you trust decisions made and believe that information told to you is correct. A lack of faith drives a wedge through an organization and through friendships.

Power begins as inner strength.

Power is a combination of talents and inherent abilities and wisdom. It is increased when the power of many individuals is united through an organization or a brotherhood. The power of an organization, when combined with courage, faith, and truth, leads one into the future and ensures success.

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