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For your son, making the transition to a four-year college or university might seem like an imposing challenge. Question you may have:



Fraternities are a proven support network for your son as he embarks on this new period in his life. Over 400,000 students across the country are currently fraternity members. Delt can help personalize your son’s college experience by offering scholastic support; hands-on experience in leadership through managing the organization, and interacting with faculty and administrators; exposure to potential careers through educational programs and connections with successful alumni; the chance to give back to the community through philanthropies and service projects; and close friends who will cheer him on when he is successful and support him when times are tough.


With all of these opportunities available to them, it’s no wonder that fraternity members tend to graduate from college at a higher rate than those men not involved in fraternities.


As a parent, you are undoubtedly concerned about your son’s college experience and the choices he will make. And you surely have your own questions about college and fraternity membership:


Can my son benefit from membership in Delt?

Yes, through the following ways:

  • He’ll make friends that will help him make the adjustment to college and be his friends for life.
  • He’ll make connections to other students from all across campus early in his college transition.
  • He’ll be offered scholastic resources to help him achieve his academic goals.
  • He’ll learn valuable leadership skills and will be offered hands-on opportunities to practice those skills.
  • He’ll be encouraged to get involved on campus and in the community to his fullest potential.
  • He’ll learn the importance of giving through active participation in community service projects.
  • He’ll be exposed to career opportunities through interaction with fraternity alumni.
  • He’ll be will be provided a wealth of opportunities to pursue a well rounded and fun college experience.


Aren’t fraternities just like the one shown in the movie “Animal House?”

Unfortunately since that movie’s debut and others similar in theme, fraternity members have been categorized as irresponsible and abusive. In reality, fraternities are values-based organizations dedicated to the development of character and lifelong friendship. Delta Tau Delta and Chapter Beta Tau work very hard to show that those stereotypes of a fraternity are not the truth and that Greek Life is a great asset to Student Life on today’s college campus.


New students often find managing their time difficult when moving from the highly structured high school environment to the freedoms of college. Delt assists in that transition by offering scholarship programs which include study partners, study hours, and time management workshops. Your son will have access to the network of upperclassmen Fraternity members who already know how to use campus resources such as tutors, the library, career centers, resource and computer labs, and academic advisors. And our programs are proven to work year after year.


While we are greatly interested in the academic achievement of each of our members and offer incentives and programs to our chapter, your son is will ultimately be responsible for utilizing the resources made available. It’s proven that those to take an interest in their academics and utilize available resources will be successful.
A research initiative has shown that college students that are not only involved in their education in the classroom, but also in campus activities, are more likely to graduate and report greater satisfaction with their college experience than students who do not take advantage of campus involvement opportunities. Fraternity involvement is a great way to achieve that balanced college experience. And our activities in a broad range of academic, philanthropic, leadership, social, and campus involvement areas are time well spent.


Our chapter’s basic time commitments that we ask of our members include our weekly all house dinner and chapter meeting (or pledge meeting), and a few major chapter events such as philanthropies. Each semester is planned out well in advance, so plenty of notice is given for any time commitments asked. But beyond that, it’s up to how involved your son wishes to become. Through his fraternity involvement the chapter will help him learn how to balance his academic, campus involvement, and social commitments. Delta Tau Delta is here only to add to a great well rounded college experience…not distract from it.


How does my son join a fraternity?

Fraternities organize a recruitment process of meeting people and making friends. This process offers your son an opportunity to meet other students on campus and learn what each fraternity has to offer its members. If a fraternity offers your son a bid, or invitation to join, and you and he feel that it would be a good fit for him, he could then enter into a probationary new membership often referred to as “pledging”. Every fraternity has its own unique programs and strengths, yet all are primarily based on the development of character, social skills, friendship, service to humanity and academic skills. Just as in researching, visiting, and choosing a college, your son should choose the fraternity that best fits his personality and needs. He will find that there is a place for everyone and the right choice will be demonstrated in his success and personal growth.


For our chapter the recruitment process runs all year long, so your son can contact our Recruitment Chairmen at any time to find out more about Delta Tau Delta.


What about hazing?

Delta Tau Delta and Chapter Beta Tau adamantly oppose hazing and are committed to a membership education period that teaches responsibility and commitment to new members through positive activities and programming. All new fraternity members typically experience a period of orientation and trial membership commonly called “pledging”, but forget what you may have heard about servitude, or dangerous hazing activities. At Delt pledge members are offered the same respect and opportunities as our initiated members. Our membership expectations are built on academic standards, chapter and campus involvement, and honorable conduct. Things that will help your son to get more out of college, not distract him from his goals.


For Chapter Beta Tau our pledge period lasts 8 weeks. During this time your son and the other new members will participate in weekly meetings to learn about the university and the Fraternity, hold and attend leadership retreats, community service projects, and positive activities designed to build friendships among the new members and the upperclassmen initiated members. During this time they will also periodically meet with our Academic Committee to utilize resources that can assist them in their transition from high school scholastics to collegiate academia. In addition, the pledge class elects their own officers and conduct many of their own affairs with the guidance of the upperclassmen, alumni, and faculty advisors. This gives them an organized voice within the chapter, and opportunities to learn and demonstrate valuable leadership skills.


Most of all, the pledge period is about making new friends, not only in Delt, but all across campus. Every Delt will tell you that some of their fondest memories of college were of their first experiences in the chapter and making new friendships that last a lifetime.


Who is actually in charge of the Fraternity?

Undergraduate fraternity officers manage the day-to-day operations of the organization at the campus level. These officers are assisted by chapter members serving on committees and by a board of alumni who act as advisors. Chapters are also part of Delt’s international fraternal organization that offers support, advice and direction through a paid professional staff and regional volunteers. Professional staff from the university also assist and monitor the activities of fraternities through UNL’s Greek Affairs office.


Our chapter also has a live in adult advisor in our “House Mother”, who works to find campus opportunities for our members as well as with our Executive Committee on chapter operations.


Please visit our International website for more information on the resources available to our chapters.


What about alcohol?

Alcohol abuse, or the abuse of any controlled substances, is unhealthy and inconsistent with Delta Tau Delta’s ideals. All members are expected to uphold state, county, and university policies regarding the consumption of alcohol. But it doesn’t just stop there…


Delt is leading the way on college campuses in the effort to combat alcohol by implementing innovative abuse prevention initiatives and educational programs. In 1984 with the assistance of the Prevention Research Institute, and Dr. Hoyt D. Gardner, M.D., former president of the American Medical Association, Delta Tau Delta launched an innovative educational program to address alcohol abuse among all college students. Delts Talking About Alcohol, or DTAA has now become a template for alcohol awareness and educational programming on campuses all across the nation. Every new member of Delt participates in DTAA through and is educated on the risks associated with underage drinking and alcohol abuse.


In addition, all UNL Greek chapter houses are University approved student housing and operate alcohol free facilities, just as the residence halls do. Your son will face many personal choices regarding alcohol use in college. Regardless of whether he joins a fraternity, he is responsible for his choices.


Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to be in a fraternity?

The stereotype that fraternity membership is expensive is not the case at all. Each fraternity is self-supported through dues charged to all members. In the first year of membership, a few one time expenses are assessed and after those initial payments are made, expenses will include chapter dues and annual Fraternity dues used to fund the programs, resources, and activities that are offered to your son as a member.


At Chapter Beta Tau we also offer on-campus housing within our chapter house or “Shelter”. This housing is University approved and members can move in first semester their freshmen year. The cost for Delt housing is significantly less expensive then the University’s residence halls and we like to think it also provides a better quality environment as well as more opportunities. Our chapter has also recently modified its billing structure to mirror that of the University’s so that the disbursement of student financial aid intended to assist in student housing costs can be applied to their residence in the chapter. In Delt your son will receive more opportunities, a more personalized and comfortable living environment, and more support for a smaller cost than traditional residence hall housing!


What is my role as a parent?

Do what you do best: be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking questions of your son as he meets people through the recruitment and new-member process. Perhaps your first exposure to Greek Life on campus may be through your son’s interest, but even if you are familiar with the Greek system through your own college experience, find out more about the opportunities that today’s fraternities provide. Fraternity members will be more than happy to tell him, and you, about their organizations.


There are also opportunities for you to get involved in Delt! Our chapter has a very active Parents’ Club that holds an Annual Family Day during the fall Husker Football Season. They also host one meal a month on Sundays at the chapter house where members’ families volunteer to cook dinner and spend time with their sons and their friends. Our Parent’s Club has been a great supporter of Delt and we are lucky to have such a strong group of family members who are involved in our chapter!


Truth is vital in the relationship between an organization and the outside world.

If an organization cannot be trusted, it will perish. Truth begins within the organization. In order to truly become brothers, men must be truthful to themselves and to one another. They must hold one another accountable.

Courage takes heart.

Those who are courageous thrive. As you navigate through life, you will be confronted with many difficult decisions. Courage helps a leader understand the best option and take it, regardless of the popularity of that choice. Courage has a distinct relationship with truth. One must know the truth in order to stand for it.

Faith is belief.

Faith grows and develops and changes. It means trusting yourself and believing your actions are appropriate and right. Faith will help you trust decisions made and believe that information told to you is correct. A lack of faith drives a wedge through an organization and through friendships.

Power begins as inner strength.

Power is a combination of talents and inherent abilities and wisdom. It is increased when the power of many individuals is united through an organization or a brotherhood. The power of an organization, when combined with courage, faith, and truth, leads one into the future and ensures success.

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